Welcome To Xwekta!

Based on Bursa, Turkey and developing applications for mobile operating systems.

Our Story

"We as two siblings always love the technology especially the computer games since our childhood. We were not ordinary gamers, we see the lack of the things in games that we play. Eventually we started our game development when I was about 7 years old and my brother was 10. Our first game was about a car and a cannibal which is similar to pac-man. It was developed by using Game Maker. The car was controlled by W-A-S-D and the cannibal by arrow keys. Cannibal tries to catch the car in an area which have a straight road from left to right of screen and two semi-circle each side of the main road. Cannibal was red and the car was yellow having black tires jutted. After that game, we didn't enter big projects. However, he started trying new game engines. Because of it he had some dummy projects. He couldn't go to serious development because of high school exam and the laptop of our wasn't that great. He has built a pc after the exam as a gift from our parents. Finally, thanks to having free time during holiday he published the first set of apps: Roll The Dice, Click Click, Flappy Cube, The Sphere 3D, Galatasaray, Türk Bayrağı 3D, Fenerbahçe. All of the apps were done by using game engine Unity. 4 years later I took over my brother position. I finished the high school exam too but instead of game development I head for app development. I have started learning Android Studio. I published Dice, Please Download Me, Türk Bayrağı Wallpaper. At the same time my brother finished the university exam. He returned to development. He published second set of apps: Roll The Dice 2, Checkers Sandbox, Backgammon Sandbox. Nowadays I have some little projects but I can't have time to make them real apps."

-Cem, COO of Xwekta.

Note: You can find more about these apps in “Our Apps” page.

Who We Are?

Yekta Can Tursun , CEO

One of the founder of Xwekta Team. He has been developing games since 2012. and publishing games to Google Play Store with the game engine Unity.

Cem Fırat Tursun, COO

Another founder of Xwekta Team. He has been developing since 2016 and publishing apps to Google Play Store using Android Studio

Next One

We are a small team as you can tell but we will be grateful to have more people to join. If you want to work with us please visit "Contact Us" page.